Jinbei DII Special Accessory (fits on MARS 3)

Jinbei DII Special Accessory




* This set contains a barn door, a honeycomb and a color filter set for using with the "55° Focus Reflector" or other strobe/reflectors which has a circular 20cm diameter head.
* A 4-leaf fully rotating barn door lets you control the light direction and spread. With this barn door, you can easily shade specific objects, assign areas to be illuminated or create many other effects.
* The honeycomb grid (25-30 degrees) reduces light dispersion and thus creates a more directional, shielded light onto your subject. It is ideal for hair lighting, portrait lighting and many other situations that require a more focused, directed light.
* Also provided are color filters (blue, red and yellow plus white diffuser) with an easy to use "slide on" design.

        Filter holder with barn door x 1
        Color filters x 3 (yellow, blue, red)
        White Diffuser x1
        Honeycomb filter x 1

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