Cactus RF60X

Flash unit with a difference. Built-in cross-brand compatibility.

Looks can be deceiving. The RF60X looks just like any other portable flash but it actually packs a built-in transceiver*. This transforms the flash into the perfect tool for off-camera flash photography as it gives you the ability to wirelessly control its power output and zoom level. Moreover, when paired with the Cactus V6 II or V6 IIs for Sony, it even gives you high-speed sync on your off-camera flash!
*A transceiver is a trigger-and-receiver-combined device.
Did you recently switch to another camera system? Or do you shoot on more than one camera system in the studio? Cactus RF60X is the answer if you look for an off-camera flash – it can be used with literally any cameras in the market. You can swap this flash between your camera bodies and still retain remote power and zoom control.
THE HSS Flash you ever need

  • You no longer need a TTL flash to support high-speed sync. The RF60X has the ability to sync with your camera above x-sync when it is triggered by the V6 II / V6 IIs. That makes the RF60X an HSS flash for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony camera system - one flash for all.
  • Exclusive! Cooling mode to prevent RF60X from overheat cut-off
  • Quick full-power recharge time at 1.9s
  • Auto-focus assist light in sync with other Cactus devices
  • Automatic wireless HSS support in Slave mode for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax when working with V6 II; and Sony with V6 IIs transceiver
  • Built-in wireless commander and slave - runs on 16 channels
  • Remote control of power and zoom level - the power level adjustable from 1/128 to 1/1 full power in steps of 0.3EV and the zoom can be controlled from wide 24mm to tele 105mm
  • Normal HSS and Power Sync support - High-speed sync (HSS) / Focal Plane (FP) mode when triggered by a Cactus V6 II / V6 IIs
  • Group control of up to four groups - with configurable Group Alias
  • Optical slave - captures pre-flash or main flash signals for flash triggering
  • Delay mode - configurable from 1 to 99 seconds, or 1 to 999ms
  • High power up to Guide Number of 56 meters - the fresnel lens was specifically designed to give the best possible light
  • Compatible with Cactus transceivers - including Cactus V6, V6II, V6 IIs and RF60
  • Multi-flash - a rapid series of flashes is fired to capture multiple images of a moving subject in a single frame
  • Mini-USB port - for firmware update
  • External power connector - plug in the Cactus EP-1 battery pack to shorten the recycle time

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