Benro TrueNight Filter 100x100mm

Benro True Night filter. 


As the name implies, this filter is meant for the night hours. More specifically to filter out our own light pollution.


The first thing you notice about the filter is its purplish color. That color is not there for nothing: it filters light at a wavelength of 890nm. That sounds very technical, but it concerns the familiar orange glow, caused by, among other things, our street lighting (sodium lamps).


The filter does not require very specific knowledge, work or other settings than you use during the day.  The filter has about half a stop of light decrease. 


If you in to photographing starry skies or cityscapes, then you than the TrueNight Filter is a must in your filter arsenal. It removes a large part of the light pollution from your photos, leaving you with more natural shades. 

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