Benro Master Filter System FH100

FH100 Filter Holder 100mm System

The FH100 Filter Holder from Benro is designed to hold both square and circular filters, with the ability to freely rotate an attached 82mm CPL filter after installation. It will hold up to 3 square filters, and ultra-thin 82mm CPL simultaneously, without creating vignetting on lenses as wide as 16mm (UV filter should be removed to ensure no vignetting).

Constructed from CNC machining aircraft-grade aluminum for durability, it uses ABS/PP resin spacers to protect your filters from scratching, and a sponge gasket prevents friction damage and light leaks. A calibrated scale on the holder's edge makes it easy to determine which areas are in light and which are in shadow when using a GND filter.

The Filter Holder attaches to your lens with an adapter ring. Adapter rings are available separately in sizes from 72mm to 95mm. To attach the filter holder on lenses with filter threads sized 72mm and smaller use a Benro stepping ring. Stepping rings are available separately in numerous sizes, and are used in combination with an adapter ring.

To use the filter holder with a screw-in CPL filter simply screw your 82mm circular filter on to the adapter ring. Fit the filter holder on to the adapter ring and lock. This will allow you to rotate the CPL. Then slide your square filters in to the slots in your filter holder.

Benro Master  ND Filters are made from high quality Schott glass with ULCA Coating offering very low colour shift, zero relection, High Definition and waterproof. The chart on the left shows a comparision of colour aongst other filters on the market. The Benro is surely the most nuetral in colour shift.

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Benro ND and NDSoft Graduated filter