Benro Head 3 way HD2A

The HD2A pan and tilt head offers separate control and locking of fore-and-aft and side-to-side tilt, plus 360° base rotation. This makes camera levelling and adjustment in some circumstances easier than with a ball head. It also has an Arca-compatible clamp with security feature and included 70mm camera plate. Three bubble levels and engraved scales speed setting up the camera.

  • The Arca-pattern clamp has a double security feature. A pin stops the plate sliding out of the clamp when unlocked. To fully unlock the clamp and thus release the plate, the knob is pulled out against a spring to allow further anti-clockwise rotation.
  • Three built-in bubble levels allow levelling in every plane.
  • Reference scales aid repeat setting of camera position.
  • Type:  Pan and Tilt
  • Quick release:  Yes
  • Revolving base:  360° with scale and lock
  • Friction control:  No
  • Forward tilt:  -35° / +90°
  • Side tilt:  -90° / +15°
  • Height:  120mm
  • Weight:  760g
  • Max load:  8kg
  • Base connection:  3/8"
  • Spirit level:  Yes
  • Q/R plate :  PU70

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