Orangemonkie LED Photo Tent Foldio2 38x38x38 Foldable

Orangemonkie LED Photo Tent Foldio2 38x38x38 Foldable

The Foldio2 from Orangemonkie is a large photo tent with built-in LED lighting. This is the official Foldio2 and therefore not a fake copy. The Foldio2 is made of high quality materials and guarantees a long life. Special details ensure the most beautiful captures. For example the supplied diffuser strip. The dimensions are 38 x 38 x 38 cm.

Foldio2 in practice

You can use the Foldio2 for taking photos and videos, with the built-in LED strips ensuring a uniform illumination. Four backgrounds are included, to create a good contrast with the product in every situation. You will receive the smooth, mat-foam background in the colors white, black, gray and chroma green. The backgrounds run seamlessly from the vertical side into the horizontal surface and can be exchanged within seconds with the built-in magnets. The use of the soft, non-reflective foam provides a uniform background without reflections.

LED lighting Foldio2

At the top of the Foldio2 there are two LED strips, which are both made up of 27 strong LEDs. The color temperature of 5700K ensures a neutral color reproduction. With two knobs you can adjust the brightness of the light. The LED lighting works on AC power, for which the required power adapters for worldwide use are included.

Usage Foldio2

The Foldio2 is suitable for anyone who regularly makes product photos. Whether it is jewelry, shoes, food, electronics or other objects; the Foldio2 provides a neutral, professional view. In particular, the Foldio2 is recommended to use with the Foldio360. See the bottom paragraph for this.

When folded, the Foldio2 has a thickness of only 2.5 cm, making it easy to carry. The soft handle ensures optimal comfort. Thanks to the use of many built-in magnets, the Foldio2 can be folded in and out in just five seconds.

Foldio2 + Foldio360

In our assortment you will find the Foldio360 from Orangemonkie; a turntable for making professional 360 degree shots. The Foldio2 is the ideal partner of the Foldio360. The Halo Edge lighting of the Foldio360 ensures a seamless transition of the turntable in the foam background of the Foldio2. High-quality product photos and videos are easier to produce than ever before.


  • 1x Foldio2 Photo tent with two LED strips
  • 4x Background (white, black, grey and chroma-green)
  • 1x Background fastening strip
  • 1x Power adapter

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