Photographic Printing

Ilab is renowned for professional photographic printing from 4x6 up to 20x32 inches using high quality wet process photo paper.

Recommended Image Settings

Normal chromagenic printing (C type wet process) - iLab supports SRGB and Adobe RGB files, please make sure that you always tag your images, by doing so your prints will approximately match  your computer screen (screen must be calibrated: gamma 2.2, temperature 6500K). For professional output iLab will also guide you how to calibrate your screen. Monitor calibrators are available from ILAB. If a picture is sent without a profile the lab will embed a suitable profile.

For professional printing iLab suggests Adobe RGB which has a wider colour gamut.

For normal print runs such as postcard printing, iLab suggests SRGB.

File Resolution
For normal chromagenic printing iLab suggests 300 ppi.
File format
 iLab suggests JPEG files with a quality compression marked 10 or higher.

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