PhotoArt Printing

PhotoArt printing is the labs “forte” when it comes to photography we really give that extra care.

The Lab has 3 large high volume photographic printers operated by professional personnel with more than 25 years of experience. A maximum size of 32” and 4 types of photographic paper to choose from makes the Lab perfect for wedding and event photographers. High volume constant colour balance and proofing is a standard. The Lab also offers Scanning, Image enhancement and manipulation, book Collages and traditional film developing.  Large-format printing is also availble printed on various paper media as specified below. Special care and paper calibration for each different type of media used is the norm at our Labs.

Recomended File settings:

For professional printing iLab suggests Adobe RGB profile. Adobe RGB has a much wider gamut space this profile is used to get more colour rendition and generally a better print. Please make sure that you always tag your images, by doing so your prints will approximately match  your computer screen (screen must be calibrated: gamma 2.2, temperature 6500K). For professional needs iLab will also guide you how to calibrate your screen. Monitor calibrators are available from Ilab. If a picture is sent without a profile the lab will embed a suitable profile.

For fine art printing iLab suggests 300 ppi. Pigment printing will render better at this resolution.
File format
iLab suggests JPEG files with a quality compression marked 10 or higher. However for Professional Fine art and high end printing, iLab suggests flattened TIFF files

Click this Link for Photographic Paper Swatches

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